Why vacuuming the carpet once is not enough?

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It is usually better to vacuum multiple times in the same area. On top of this, it would also be wise to go over the areas from multiple directions, as this will help pull up dirt and debris more effectively.

This is especially important with problematic pet hair. Ask any pet owner, and they’ll tell you how hard it may be to completely get all of the hair off of the carpet and furniture. In extreme situations, you may have to run over the area several times.

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  • But even if you don’t own any pets, it’s still wise to go over the carpet multiple times from different directions. I personally create an up, down patterns when vacuuming the carpets in my home.Create a Schedule Another important cleaning tip when vacuuming your home is to create a schedule. Whether you pick a certain day of the week or month, following a regular schedule and sticking to that routine will help ensure that your floors are clean at all time. Don’t have time to make out a schedule with pen and paper set a reminder in your smartphone to remind you when you should.  I do. 14613308-Vacuum-cleaner-on-white-background-Suction-cleaning-word-Stock-Photo-300x250

    In most homes, vacuuming once every week or two is sufficient. However, high-traffic areas of the home may need a little extra attention. If you have household pets that shed, you should probably vacuum more often than once a week. Or, maybe you’re like me and a couple of grandkids that blindly drop crumbs around the house. I try to vacuum the floors every weekend, especially in the areas that they play in.


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