How tall plants can transport water from root to shoot?
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bPlant-150x150Plants have a complex watering system. Plants transport work in two ways, though their leave and though the soil.

The Process

The major mechanism for long-distance watering is described by the cohesion-tension theory.  It is base upon the evaporation of water from the top side of the leaf surface.

Leafs have tiny hairs across their surface, that can hold up to 85 percent of water weight.  It can be from direct rain or fresh drew in the early morning or moisture carried by air.  In that case, water molecules stick together and are pulled up within the plant by the tension or exerted by evaporation at the leaf surface.

Leafs filter the water down to the rest of the plant.  In the same process, water moves from the opposite end of the plant stem called roots. The roots extract water from the soil thought the vessels of the roots.

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