Pin Review : Pinterest Terms of Use & Copyright: What You Should Know
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images-27-150x150images-47-150x150 When I am passionate about something I like to dig a little deeper. Well, I am passionate about Pinterest and I want to know more and share, of course, repin what I learned.

images-47-150x150If I have pinned it on my page. I have read it and put it into practice as much as possible, there’s a wealth of information to capture the imagination. I will do my best to give a brief summary of what an article has to offer.


images-47-150x150Pinterest is very serious about its copyright policies, that most people are unaware of the terms. Please read,  it could save you a lot of headaches in the long run and help you develop healthy pinning habits. The article from The Sits Girls blog explains it very well and makes it easy to swallow. 

Tool to Use 

images-47-150x150In the article, you learn how to use pin money and photo elements with video explanations, and an offer for free photography class to improve your photo techniques. Some related articles to explore;

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog and adding and resizing a Pin button. 

Magic-wand-150x150That’s a Wrap!


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