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pinterest-1-150x150Pinterest! What the attraction?

Pinterest users are mesmerized by its simple design. Heavey image content and unlimited scrolling.  It has a white background just waiting for a few hand print.hand-print-150x150

If you know a little about graphic design the color white is very appealing to the mind to be creative.

Color in design is very subjective. The color white does not evoke one reaction, there is no preference and does not affect a person in a certain why.

Cultural differences mean that one color can make you happy and uplifting in one country can be depressing in another. White is a color with hue. It is one of the most common colors in nature.  There are three photo or graphics sizes you can use on the Pinterest canvas.

  • 400 pixels Images
  • 100 pixels Images
  • 191 pixels images

red-wand-150x150Pinterest Shorts

What are Rich Pins

Youtuber_Marlene Hielema

Here is a Playlist of other image editing tutorials for beginners by Marlene. She is an authority on all types of photographic elements.

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