A Checklist for Setting Up Your Home Office

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Now that we know where our office will be located. We need to decide what to put in the office to make it function well.  Remember this is our war room where we will be spending a lot of our time.

This may sound all cheesy, but it is important to start out on the right foot. I personally find it hard to function when my office is gone array.  I have to leave the room and come back later and get organized before I start working for the day or night.

Office Rule. 

  • Put items back in it place
  • Close shop with a clean desk
  • Wipe down computer and desk daily

A checklist of all the items we use for our office serves two purposes. We have a list of items to be purchased for our business.  A list that will be filed alway for tax purpose later down the road. In your checklist include the following;

  • Name of Item
  • Brief Description of Item
  • Make and Model
  • Serial Number
  • Date purchased
  • Include a picture of items


The items include on your checklist are common except including adding a picture. In the case of murphy law, you will have proof via picture for your insurance company, police reports or tax audits.  You will need two copies, a hard copy to put in your file, a digital copy sent to google drive or Evernote. I learn this the hard way. I got hit by hurricane Ike and lost a lot of stuff, even my backup drives so the cloud is my best friend.  I not only make sure my office is in the cloud. All family and friends photos are processed the same way so I will alway have them.  Lesson learned, Let’s back to the agenda.


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