How can I study more effectively?
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Studying is a process of retaining the information you have studied, by developing an effective study habit you can improve your overall grades. The basic five senses come into play from early years of learning how to study. Some are better listeners. Some are visional. Some have to write the information down to comprehend it. I personally, have to write information I learned in text form, in order for me to comprehend and reinforce that information if I need to refresh my memory.

First, you have to figure out what is your strength are you a good listeners, visional or a note taker. When you are dealing with retaining a lot of information over a long period of time, note taking is going to be your best bet. In grade school it about the ABC and 123 all day and everyday activities. It is the keys to building a foundation that we will us throughout our lives. A clue from grade school is simply writing it down and verbalize it.

In studying a specific field of educational career we have lost those training skills that help us stay focus on the study at hand, that why we take refresher courses to help us to further our career whether voluntary or required by your job. In order to stay ahead of the crowd, it is important to always educate yourself and keep your skills up-to-date.

Learn to outline your topic of study it works in outlining a chapter, essay or thesis.

The Guidelines

  • Skim the material to form a summary in small blocks
  • Format your outline basic concept of the chapter.
  • Divide your chapter into three summary sections.
  • Write the outline with the main headings
  • Write the outline with subheading under the main headings
  • Write the outline with numbers or letters under each subheading.

Vocalize what you have just outline (if you can’t remember what you have just written repeat the method. If you need any help in getting a good outline started in your studies feel free to connect with me for additional help on my blog or twitter leave a message.

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