The five products to get you a flawless face
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Looking for a simple, easy to follow makeup regimen that fit your hectic schedule. It’s a rule of thumb to remember everyone skin type and texture is different and require different combinations of skincare regimen. One of the basic needs for all skin types is hydration.

  • Wash hand before washing  face 
  • Wash your face with a hypoallergenic soaps
  • Use a separate clean towel to dry your face 
  • Pad dry always 

Using the same body towel to dry off should be avoided.  It is not a good practice you risk the chance of spreading bacteria left on your skin, arms, legs, shoulders, as well as other specificity parts of the body, If you use a towel on your body and then your face, you can transfer that bacteria, viruses, and fungi onto the complexion of the face. It really easy to reuse the same old towel to get the job done in that case use one side of your towel for one purpose and other for your face. It is best not to use a towel at all.soap and towel Use clean hands and soap and water is the best for the sensitive and ace prone skin.  Developing good habits in taking care of your skin, the less makeup you will actually need.

  • Drink water to stay hydrated 
  • Wear sunscreen 
  • Apply all day wear makeup products 

There’s a sea of makeup foundation out there to choose from gel or liquids, mousse, powder, and matte. It is personal preference as to what works for you, testing makeup on the back of the hand is so old school and is not the best way to test the wearability of a foundation. The one that does not leave a film on your skin and fade easily is one for you.  One size does not fit all seasons. Skin complexions change from season to season so you going to need more than one foundation. Heavy foundation for winter and a lighter foundation for summer.

makeup bag set

  • Gels or liquid foundations
  • Mousse, powder, and matte.
  • Heavy or Light foundation
  • Apply foundation
  • Apply Concealer 
  • Contour Highlight
  • Eye Shadows
  • Cool for summer
  • warms for winter

makeup bag set

  • Blush
  • Lipstick or balms

Choosing a blush can be an overwhelming challenge to find the right one for the right mood to match that awesome outfit for work or play.  Or not. you matching your skin complexion, again it a matter of what you like and what looks natural on your complexion.  Add a touch of lipstick color to improve the appearance of the lips and help with hydration or lip gloss to finish off your look. Lipsticks come in all colors, matted and the degree of gloss all day wear. Lip balms can be applied with your finger or in a lipstick-style tube.  Lip balms come in all kind of flavors too.

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