How to Create A Productive Home Office
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Starting a home business is exciting and you want to drive in feet first and get going, not so fast we’ve got planning to do. Starting out with a plan will save you a lot of time and help in staying uncluttered and organize from day one.

First, carve out a place in your home that is your alone and designated for business. There are three places within the home you might have the option to chose from, find the right place to locate your home office within the home, an apartment or home closet.

In creating a home office space less is more. Start simple and add features to your office as you go, it will add creative character and want end up with a boring same old same office setting.

If you want an office out of the way than a closet office would be the perfect thing and the most popular in conservating out of the way spaces these days. The less space you have to work with the more you have to make the space work effectively and function to scale.

Home Work

  • Start with Pen and Paper
  • Draw out your floor plan
  • Measure the high & depth of the closet
  •  Equipment placement

Closet Office Ideas
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Room: Office Tour
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Room: Office Tour small Apartment
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Room: Office Tour to Love

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Credits: I like to give credit where credit is to do, there are lots of places to find information on youtube channels where you can find beautiful How to videos.  These are a few that I have research and reviewed.  Please feel free to leave a comment, review or questions on how you design your office spaces. Better yet show me your design.

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