How to Create a Productive Home Office Space
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The most important first step in running any type of business at home is planning an office space. The office space you create should be done with efficiency in mind, uncluttered and located in a bright area if possible. If you don’t have a room with a view bring in lighting such as desk lamp to match your decor.

An office space can be created in any part of your home or apartment, even a closet.  Designate your space for your business, keep it away from heavy traffic areas, where noise can become a problem. It’s your space for doing serious business and where important files for your clients,  will be kept.

Close Office Space

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Here are few of my favorite closet space. The reason wly  I love closet spaces, because it limit the amount of stuff you have to deal with and provide storage control. In this limitive space everything has to have it own location and put back into it own space after use. If you would like to create a small space, here what you need to consider;

  • Measure depth
  • make sure your closet is deep enouch to handle the task
  • Place your binders, printer and scanner on the floor and close the closet floor to map out your placement.
  • Figure out if your space is large enough for file cabinets.
  • Get hook up with electrician plugs for lighting
  • use under cabinet lighting that are easy to install.

Rattan Storgae baskets.

If you don’t have a closet to work with install a protable room divider to create a separate office area with a large room. Decorate you space as you would any other room and make it comfortable. This is where you will be for long periods of time.



  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it organize
  • creative professional space


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