What is the best soil for growing mint such as spearmint and catnip (herbs)?

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a-Plant-150x150These herbs are very tolerant of most soils and climates, for their best growth, grow in confined areas such as containers.  Keep the soil moist and mulch around the plant so that they don’t dry out too quickly. Organic Composting soil is the best.


  • You would need to make sure your soil is not packed tight in the container.  Add a type of fills mix in with your soil such as packing peanuts or peanuts shell. Try not to water the leaves if possible. Water the soil only.



  • A good water method is to plant a plastic water bottle in the center of the of the pot or container and place pin holes around the bottle. Cover it up to a point.



Catnip grows well in almost any soil but does best in a moderately rich loam this is well draining. It’s aroma increases when grown in sandy soil or by using the hydroponic method.  It will grow acceptably well in either sun or shade.


Spearmint requires moist soil and most will tolerate some shade and need to be protected from direct sun.


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