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Bed-sheets how do we love them. They greet us day and night waiting to cover us up and kept us there until the morning light beam through the window. There are many types of sheets with different thread counts. What are thread counts and why are these counts so important.

It all about personal preference. Look for a sheet that has thread counts between 200 up 400 counts. The maximum count of a sheet can have is 400 counts that are the max that a loom machine can handle. If it over 400 counts then the sheets may be filled with fillers.  The sheets you buy will personify who are you and the quality will define your taste. It is as simple as the colors you chose to buy and the texture right down to the thickness. There are the famous white and cream colors and the bold reds and baby blues.
 Handle your sheets with care for longevity A gentle wash cycle and cool or lukewarm water. Remove the sheets as soon as the cycle is over to reduce wrinkles. Shaking the sheets out before placing them in the dryer can also reduce wrinkles. When possible, dry sheets on an outside clothesline but out of direct sun. Sheets get more hugs and kisses from us as we lay our bodies down to sleep. No one ever writes about sheets unless it a super sale of the bundles of joys. Bed sheets get a wash and folded a few time a week nothing smells better than a fresh set of sheets. If you are looking for kid friends bed-sheets it is suggested to look for a durable cotton blend for comfort. The suggested bed-sheets for adults may varies according to style and comfort.

The plain, plaid and prints we all seen them at grand mamma house, she has selectively collected them over the years. There are sheets that keep you cool during the summer nights.  There are sheets underneath the comforter that kept the chill away during those winter months. Sheets gives a lot of love all year round. We hug them in the winter months and spread them out in the parks during the cool of the summer eve.

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