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Why I love my home!

Three things that make my home loving.

First, I love my family and pets.
Second, I love my scenic balcony views that fill my rooms with sunlight and warm. My love for gardening in small spaces. Gardening is a zen for me. when I chose to step out onto my balcony and take in the fresh air.

Home is my favorite place in the world. I love my living spaces! I am so lucky to have space that I can decorate and play with season styles to share and entertain my family and friends.
Third, I don’t have a backyard due to my travel. I still have spring in my steps. I can always make that warm connect with my patients living on the ranch. The country life keeps me coming back to help them grow and harvest organic fruits and veggie.

Oh, yes did I mention I work from home. In addition, I have created the home resources blog section to layout the how’s to creating an awesome office space, best tools to use for success.

Y-Credited: Apartment Therapy
How I continually educate myself and help other to do the same, most of all it a place where I can share the logical, funny stuff in between the daily workload.

Quick interruption: BlueHost is the backbone of my operation and I am loving it. Read My blog comments. and a little history. Bluehost is currently offering foreverhomeandstyles readers a free domain for a year and a discount rate of $2.95 a month, can’t limbo any lower than that to get your own web address and hosting package. It’s where I got started the second time around. Time to closes the door and shut off the lights. Thanks again for stopping bye.

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